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About the Centre

If you’d like to know more about Manchester Arndale’s history, ownership, corporate responsibility and community engagement.

Centre History

HRH Princess Royal officially opened Manchester Arndale in 1979.  The original Arndale Centre was built between 1971 and 1979 by developers, Town & City Properties, the successors to the Arndale Property Trust.

The Arndale Property Trust was formed in the early 1950s and took its name from its founders, Arnold Hagenbach and Sam Chippindale. The centre opened in stages and originally contained 210 shops and 200 market stalls.

For more information on the centre's history click here.

Customer Enquiry

It is important that we keep in touch with our customers. Of course we love to hear the good news but we also need to know if you’ve had a bad experience so we can do something about it. Please feel free to phone us, send an email or write a letter using the contact details below. We will get back to you and try our best to resolve any issues.

Our address is                Manchester Arndale
                                       1st Floor
                                       Management Office
                                       M4 3AQ

Our phone number is   0161 833 9851

Our email address is

Customer Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What security measures do you have in place?
A. The safety and security of our customers and staff is always our priority. The centre is protected by CCTV 24 hours a day and we have a security team on site at all times to deal with any event swiftly and professionally. In addition, we have very close working relationships with the security services and police at a national and local level to ensure we have well-rehearsed and flexible plans in place to deal with any incident. Should a customer see anything suspicious or wish to report a security concern please alert a member of centre staff.

Q: Who can I speak to about using Manchester Arndale as a venue/location for a promotion and/or event?
A: To enquire about promotional spaces within Manchester Arndale and RMUs, or any other opportunities please make contact with our commercialisation team: Email:

Q: Does Manchester Arndale have a cinema?
A: No. However, the Odeon is located in the leisure complex Printworks, which sits alongside the centre on Withy Grove. Tel 0871 224 4007

Q: Where is the nearest car park to the centre?
A: High Street Car Park. This is an NCP car park that is attached to the centre. Access is via Wintergardens.

Q: How do I find out about job vacancies at Manchester Arndale?
A: All vacancies are advertised on our website with the details of how to apply.

Q: Where can I purchase Manchester Arndale gift cards?
A: Manchester Arndale gift cards can be purchased from the Arndale House reception, the Wintergarden Information desks outside Garage Shoes on the lower mall in the centre, or online here.

Q: Does Manchester Arndale have a Code of Conduct?
A: Yes. We aim to provide a clean, safe, relaxed and friendly family environment for all of our visitors and we have a Code of Conduct in order to ensure that everyone enjoys their visit.

Important Notice

Our centres are family friendly environments and we want everyone
to feel safe and enjoy themselves.
For that reason, we have taken out an injunction to prevent people
from riding or driving any unauthorised bicycle or vehicle through
the centre.

The injunction also applies to any member of the public who is issued
with a banning notice.
Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions.

High Court of Justice
On 16 April 2018, an order was made in the high court of justice prohibiting
anyone from riding or driving any bicycle or vehicle through these premises.
Anyone in breach of this injunction will be in contempt of court and may
be imprisoned, fined or have their assets seized.
A copy of the order is available at
A copy may also be obtained by contacting centre management.


We all have a clear obligation to protect the environment. As a shopping centre, our influence on the local environment is considerable.

Green Travel Plan
Manchester Arndale has developed a Green Travel Plan to explain the various ways to get to the shopping centre. This document also encourages customers and retailers to use sustainable transport methods.

As the UK's largest inner-city shopping centre, Manchester Arndale understands the need to encourage travel by sustainable methods as part of a commitment to minimising the impact on the environment. Communicating sustainable transport methods available to and from Manchester Arndale is the main aim of the Green Travel Plan and supports our visitors by improving awareness of public transport, cycling, walking and car sharing opportunities.

This is a ‘starting point’ for new and better ways of travelling; an organic process that changes with peoples’ needs. By effectively managing our transport and travel impact, we aim to create a cleaner, healthier environment for the wider community.

Sustainable travel initiatives include:
• Staff survey - all Manchester Arndale staff, retailers and Arndale House office tenants will be asked to complete. The survey will generate a better understanding of how staff travel to work and which barriers are preventing them from using more sustainable transport methods. Produce an action plan to overcome these to reduce our carbon footprint that travelling to work creates.
• Awareness - sustainable travel options from the 'Directions' section on the website to educate customers on which transport links are available to and from the city centre.
• Linked to live travel information – via the website to help plan your journey efficiently.

We continue to raise awareness for all the above with campaigns and the support of local and national events.

We have a clear obligation to protect the environment. Whilst our primary responsibility is to our customers and retailers, our influence on the environment is considerable. Our initiatives are guided by our environmental policy as outlined on the PDF below.

Manchester Arndale has been awarded the PAS99 accreditation standard, which includes BSI 14001 Environmental Management System (the internationally recognised standard for environmental management); ensuring that the environmental impacts are managed effectively, reducing carbon emissions, introducing renewable energy sources, increasing recycling and minimising water usage help to minimise our environmental footprint.

Our Environmental Pledge
We will RAISE awareness, INCREASE recycling and help Manchester Arndale REDUCE environmental impact.

ENERGY - We intend to reduce our energy consumption by using energy saving alternatives where possible, we have already implemented PIR sensors to our back of house and service road lighting and currently looking at changes to our mall lighting.

WATER  - Our toilets, urinals and basins all around the centre for staff, retailers and shoppers use water. We have implemented Flush Wisers to reduce water usage in staff and customer toilets and urinals.

WASTE - Recycling points are signed with a colour-coded bin system, which allows our retailers to segregate plastic, cans, paper and cardboard, food and help Manchester Arndale to increase recycling. All retailers are equipped with in house recycle boxes to capture recyclables which would normally be thrown into general waste bins in staff areas.

GREEN TRAVEL - We have introduced our Green Travel Plan which helps us to recognise more sustainable ways of travel for both staff and customers. This is supported by building partnerships with local organisations such as Bike Right and supporting campaigns like the Carbon Cycle and addressing public transport travel options and car sharing.

Our Community

Sitting in the heart of Manchester city centre, we are an active member of the local community and support a range of activities throughout the year.

Community & Charity Policy
Manchester Arndale is an active member of the local community and we are proud to support a range of local community groups and charities through fund and awareness raising activities. We focus heavily on building relationships with community groups and charities in order to achieve long-lasting results from projects and campaigns.

Please note: individual 'charity collections' and leafleting are not permitted, also requests solely based on a financial donation, i.e. prizes or goody bags.  All fundraising must be part of a wider public awareness raising campaign.

How To Get Involved
We do this in two ways:

1. Use Of Free Space
Groups can use free space in the centre to raise awareness and funds through interactive and innovative activity.  Our support is shared between national (if appropriate), regional and local community causes with the majority of support for groups that serve the immediate catchment area of Manchester Arndale, or as part of our support for our "Charity Star".

• 2. Our Christmas Gift-Wrap Campaign
Each year a charity is chosen as Manchester Arndale’s "Charity Star". All funds raised from the centre’s annual gift wrap service are donated to the charity, which must serve the immediate catchment area of the centre.

What We Look For
Manchester Arndale receives a high volume of charitable requests and our support must be focused and meet our charity criteria. Before completing an application form, please make sure that you can show:

• A meaningful, long term impact to the Manchester community and an ongoing relationship with Manchester Arndale
• You are a charity that is relevant to the Manchester Arndale customer demographic, and that the charity complements the Manchester Arndale brand and the centre’s ongoing service to the people of Manchester
• You are local - preference will be given to groups within the M60 - and have permission to host an event in Manchester Arndale
• Clear and measureable benefits to the local community
• Valid information as to the work carried out by the group / charity
• How your event will work in Manchester Arndale with accompanying photographs where possible
• How interactive your event is - think about how you will engage and inform customers
• How the charity fits with Manchester Arndale’s ongoing campaigns or community projects

What We Cannot Support
• Individual 'charity collections'
• Requests solely based on a financial donation, i.e. prizes or goody bags
• Organisations which are not recognised or registered UK charities or community groups
• Charity advertising space, unless specifically linked to a Manchester Arndale funded project
• Personal appeals by or for individuals, including sponsorship for expeditions or overseas trips for individuals or other charities
• Support for political parties or political causes
• Promotion of specific religious ideas or views and support for religious bodies, except where the project is for the benefit of the wider community
Charities that do not directly benefit UK residents (must also benefit a percentage of people living in the immediate catchment area of the centre)
• Year-end deficits
• A charity's core costs including buildings, salaries general running or management costs
• Anything that would replace funds provided by government or statutory authorities and that does not bring additional benefits to people or communities
National Charities and Retailers
National charities and charity lotteries wanting to promote a national campaign (e.g. BUPA Fun Run or BBC Sport Relief); these charities should go via intu Properties plc - intu Experiences on 0207 960 1287
This policy excludes our retailers who actively support our events but also have their own in-store fundraising activities. However, if there are certain retailers you would wish to work with or seek contributions from you are welcome to approach them directly.
Process of Application
If you have met the above criteria, please submit an application form and we will respond accordingly.