Mark Wright Q & A

by Manchester Arndale, 16th February 2016 | Students, Fashion

After our Manchester Arndale Talking Shop event we caught up with the wonderful Mark Wright for a bit of a gossip to see what he gets up to in his spare time when he’s not filming.

1. You always look immaculate if you don’t mind me saying but who takes the longest to get ready for a night out, you or Michelle?
“It’s funny we always get asked this question -Mrs Wright will admit that she does, I’m really quick honestly, quick shower, moisturiser, hair done and dressed ready to go”.

2. If you were throwing a dinner party who would be on your list to invite and why?
“David Beckham- love him love his style. Rihanna – she’s just amazing and my wife loves her. Denzel Washington – brilliant actor.  I cannot have a dinner party without my lovely wife, oh and Sylvester Stallone because I love the Rocky films”.

3. We first had the pleasure of seeing you on the small screen in TOWIE but you have since done various shows such as I’m a Celebrity, Strictly and currently Take Me Out- The Gossip, but if you could do any show past or present what would you really like to do?
“I love doing radio on Heart, it’s one of my favourite things I do and I’ve been doing it nearly four years now, I just want to keep that going it’s my dream. I’d say to just keep presenting, there’s nothing on telly now that I would want to present because I would hate to try and fill the shoes of the likes of Ant and Dec or Dermott O’Leary, that’s just impossible to do.
I would love to one day host a show that I am the first host of. Take for example Take Me Out, you could never pitch that without Paddy McGuiness, it just wouldn’t work”.

4. If you weren’t on TV what would be your dream job?
“I used to be a semi –pro/ professional footballer, so I would turn back time and be more dedicated, and I know I could’ve made it, but I do prefer my life now. My brother is a professional footballer and he’s brilliant, but I would say my life is a lot freer than his right now”.

5. You’re so busy with Take Me Out- The Gossip and of course your Club Classics radio show on heart FM at the weekends, so what do you do to unwind and relax?
“I used to love going out for beautiful meals and going clubbing, but I’ve noticed a massive change in what I like to do. I just love putting my scruffs on shutting the door and just chilling out with the Mrs. Our guilty pleasure is watching reality TV like Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity, The X Factor and The Voice but then we always watch a movie after. And I’ve not told anyone this, so here’s an exclusive for Manchester Arndale- when we go up to bed Michelle and I always watch an episode of Friends without fail.”

6. So you’ve been presenting Manchester Arndale’s Talking Shop today have you enjoyed it?
“I really have enjoyed it, it was a nice crowd and I loved working with Sue (Sue Boor- Head of Marketing) she’s funny and a lovely lady and I really like that. I’ve had a really good day with everyone involved”.

7. Which are your favourite high street retailers?
“My favourite high street shops are Reiss, Topman and Zara. I love their collections; they design really good clothes for men”.

8. Not that you or Michelle needs any help with choosing clothes but do you guys like going shopping together?
“Michelle is pretty good herself anyway but if I were to say ‘I don’t like that’ she would get  pretty defensive at first and say ‘well I do’ but then she’d  would just put it back on the rail”.
We do love going shopping together but she always comes back with the most”.

9.  What’s your favourite season for fashion and why?
“I would have to say winter as I love layering things up. Like today for example, the blazer I have with me just smartens up my look, but I can look more casual if I need to by just taking that one layer away”.

10. Going back to music what is your favourite track right now that you listen too?
“I’ve been listening to Justin Bieber a lot just recently, so I guess you could say I am officially a Belieber!

 11. Most guys love gadgets (phones, smart watches etc.) do you have any?
“I’m not really a gadget man to be honest. I have a dart board, I like playing pool, going to the gym and I love football as you know but I will play on the PlayStation with my mates. I’m so competitive though, I really do have to win at everything”.

12. And finally what do you think of Manchester?
“Now I’m not just saying this because my wife is from Manchester but I really do love this city. There’s such a buzz about it, the night life is amazing, you have great bars and restaurants and is a pleasure to go shopping here. London is so big and it takes so long to get into the centre but here in Manchester it takes 10 minutes to get to the city centre and everything is close by, I love it here”.