#MyMCR: Sean Blishen

I love food… especially Italian food! If you’re ever wondering where I am on a day off you can find me at Slice Pizzeria in the Northern Quarter. It’s casual, has a great atmosphere and the pizza is to die for! What more could a girl ask for?

Slice – pizza to die for
When sitting outside of Slice and eating my delicious pizza I can’t help but people watch. Because of its prime location in the heart of the Northern Quarter you get people from all walks of life walking about wearing all sorts of clothing.

Rocking comfort and flow
A lot of my style inspiration comes from people that I see everyday and while people watching at Slice I get a lot of it. This floral dress from New Look and hat from H&M was chosen due to its comfort and flow (something I notice a lot of people in the NQ like to rock).

Are you looking for a night out that is perfect for everyone? Look no further and get yourself to Spinningfields in Manchester! Spinningfields is a night out that has endless possibilities and has something for every one of your friends.

Get yourself to Spinningfields
Some of my best nights out have been in Spinningfields. You can take yourself to Neighborhood where the drinks are flowing and live music is playing, or you can head to The Alchemist and have some of their signature concoctions. If those don’t work for you, you can hop into one of the many bars and restaurants awaiting your arrival.

Designed for character and versatility
This monkey printed dress from H&M is something that I would definitely wear out to Spinningfields. It’s a great print that’s got some character and is versatile enough to be worn out to any of the bars in that area.