#MyMCR: Samio Renelda

Manchester is quite eclectic when it comes to its architecture and whilst new buildings continue to pop up adding to Manchester's diverse and ever evolving landscape, It's some of the older ones that I feel put a real stamp of history on the city.  

The grade II listed Midland Hotel building is a prime example. With its Edwardian architecture, its decadence holds a grandeur of a bygone time. I walked past the building plenty of times when I was younger and never really took much thought over it. As I’ve grown older, it’s buildings like these in the city centre that I have grown to be impressed by and have taken an interest in the history they hold.

 Mixing old with new
I love how the old building still fits in amongst some of the more modern architecture around it and I feel that’s not too dissimilar to how I feel about my own style, mixing old with new. I got this skirt from Next and loved how it had an almost vintage look and elegance that reflects that of The Midland Hotel and its orange brick. Thrown on with a more modern style grey jumper from Topshop and some heeled boots, I felt the styles worked well together and reflect that of the surrounding architectures in both colours and style.

It’s hard not to think of Manchester without thinking about the music. From The Bee Gees to Oasis, Manchester has had its fair share of musical success and it continues to be a great place for new emerging talent, as well as being a great place to come and see live music too.

A great place for emerging talent

For me personally, when I think of Manchester and music, the band that imminently springs to mind is The Smiths. Whilst I wasn’t around when they first rose to fame, I found a love for their music later on in my teens.

The Smiths and style
It’s hard to think of The Smiths and style without picturing a young Morrissey in one of his billowing shirts and a pair of denim jeans. The band as a whole had a very understated, casual style, which is similar to how I tend to dress day to day now. Jeans, a biker jacket and an effortless shirt or T-shirt is a day to day go to for me. I found this Enlist shirt in TKMaxx (not too dissimilar to one a young Morrissey himself wore) and it went perfectly with these black skinny jeans and faux leather biker jacket, also from Topshop. Of course I had to capture this look outside The Salford Lads Club, just a short walk from the city centre and where the iconic picture of The Smiths was taken in 1985.