#MyMCR: Sabina Sher

The Manchester music scene is such a large part of Manchester, we’re blessed to have such amazing musical history, as well as having such a strong buzz still remain.

An amazing choice of venues 
I like to take advantage of the amazing venues Manchester has to offer - The Warehouse Project and The Albert Hall to name a few of my favourite places.I find myself seeking out my favourite DJs tour dates, as Manchester, being the capital of the North, is always without a doubt going to be on their pit stop!

Staple style for DJ sets
I like to wear my trusty old Dr. Martens paired with my favourite denim and some form of bodysuit - it’s my staple style! I’ve tied my look together here with this River Island striped blazer.

When you’re heading out for a night out in Manchester, you’re more often than not spoilt for choice with which bars you want to spend your time in. Through trial and error, I’ve found that laid back and chilled environments are my go to.

Start the night right
I often find myself starting the night right with some amazing food to ease myself into the evening, which is why I love Crazy Pedros and their vast array of delightful pizza toppings & nachos to boot. Allowing the hours to slip by whilst watching your surrounding slowly turn into a buzzing group of like minded people; you can’t beat that kind of atmosphere.

Block heeled boots and layers
When I head out, 5 inch heels just aren't for me, so you usually find me in a pair of block heeled boots (find yourself a staple pair that you can live in), these being from H&M Arndale and some sort of layers, because let’s face it, Manchester isn’t known for it’s (good) weather. [Blazer, Tee, hoops from River Island Arndale, Trousers from Dorothy Perkins Arndale]