#MyMCR: Alice Catherine

Living in a city centre can get really hectic - you kind of forget what it's like to slow down and switch off every now and then.

 Heading to the manchester art gallery on a Sunday is one of my favourite things to do - it's always so peaceful and there's something about big historic buildings that makes you feel small and safe. They always have exciting new exhibitions to see, and I'm a sucker for their gift shop too...

Manchester is the best when it comes to food - everything is at your fingertips and they really do cater for everyone. Whether it's a quick coffee, brunch, or a fancy meal somewhere new - you can definitely find the perfect spot in Manchester. I love the NQ because there's lots of places you can sit outside and watch the world go by.
The fig and sparrow cafe in central Manchester
Coat: TopShop

It's easy to forget how beautiful some of the buildings are in manchester unless you look up - I'm guilty of walking around with my head in my phone, but there really is a lot that's left untouched. The refuge is probably one of my favourite buildings in manchester - it's really close to our little flat but feels like a whole new world when you step inside...
Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: Office

 The NQ is buzzing with quirky little bars and places to grab food, but there's also lots of entertainment to be found to. Places like Albert Schloss really add something new into the mix...

Manchester is full of amazing places when it comes to nightlife - it's definitely a city that comes alive when the sun goes down.