#MyMCR: Sean Blishen

Art is everywhere in Manchester and is celebrated by all in many forms. I would have to say the epitome of art would have to be at Manchester Art Gallery though.

You can find works that have been curated for over 200 years and even pieces by the famous Banksy hanging on the walls of the gallery.

Art is everywhere in Manchester
I love art because it can be interpreted in so many different ways and can be seen in many different lights. Art can be relatable, it can tell you a story and it can open up doors that you never thought imaginable.

Be inspired by free expression
This outfit was inspired by how art can be free expression. I also really love abstract art so I chose this striped skirt from Topshop and a graphic tee from New Look. And fashion didn’t just get serious, it is serious!

When walking through Piccadilly Gardens you can always hear some type of music playing. Whether it be a group of dancers blasting their beats out of a stereo to dance to, or a group of musicians doing renditions of their favorite songs, you’ll always find a people standing around and enjoying the atmosphere.

Sample the sounds of Piccadilly Gardens
I really enjoy going for walks around the city and this is one thing I always look forward to while on my way to the Northern Quarter. Music is another form of creativity that I admire because it’s a great way of storytelling and is a lot of fun to dance to.

Music is creativity
For this outfit I decided to wear a cropped red jumper and black corduroy skirt from Miss Selfridge. It’s fun, screams autumn and is definitely something you’d see me wearing through Piccadilly Gardens.

When I first moved to Manchester one thing that I fell in love with was its architecture. Everywhere I went there was something new and exciting! As soon as I saw Manchester Central Library, I knew it was going to be amazing.
Visit beautiful Manchester Central Library
This beautiful building took 4 years to build and was finished in 1934. Designed by E. Vincent Harris, you can’t help but enjoy the colosseum looking library and everything that awaits you inside. Full of classic novels and history, it’s still one of my favourite places to visit to this day.

Explore the cozy and casual look
My cozy and casual outfit was inspired by my first days in Manchester where all I wanted to do was explore my new home. This bright pink sweater and denim skirt are from New Look and are the perfect pairing for a day of adventuring in the city.