#MyMCR: Samio Renelda

Art can be found everywhere around the Northern Quarter. Barely a street has gone untouched and most walls have been covered by some form of street art.

The thing I love most about the street art in the Northern Quarter is that it is ever changing too. Stay away for too long and you’ll miss it, as a new creative feature takes the place of another.

Ever evolving and moves with the times
The way the Northern Quarter and its art is ever evolving and moves with the times, inspires me to do the same with my own sense of style. There’s a very chilled vibe about the Northern Quarter and whilst one day I feel the mood to dress in heels and a blazer, the next I might want to throw on a denim jacket and some Converse.

Style wise, anything goes
When heading to the Northern Quarter I feel free to do just that and style wise, anything goes. On this occasion I was feeling the super casual vibes and the comfort of my Converse, from JD in the Arndale. The monochromatic look with my white Miss Selfridges jacket and Topshop jeans is broken up with a subtle hint of colour by this blue Topshop shirt.

One of my favourite things to do is to go out for food. Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, (or even cake), food is always on the agenda when I’m out and about in the city centre.

Food is always on the agenda
Whilst I love some of the fancier dining spots that Manchester has to offer, I often feel like you can’t beat a more relaxed and casual vibe. Since Porter + Cole opened on the edge of the Northern Quarter, it has fast become one of my favourite spots.

Porter + Cole - the ultimate interior inspo
I can set up office there during the day and sit myself in one of the comfy corner couches typing away whilst sipping coffee and eating cake, or even go for a spot of dinner and some wine with friends on an evening. It has that home away from home vibe and it’s comfy yet modern and stylish decor gives me ultimate interior inspo.I feel this midi dress from Topshop in the Arndale is the perfect dress to wear when catching up with friends over lunch and it’s comfortable to wear whilst I sit and relax in one of the comfy corners.

I love Manchester’s nightlife. There is definitely a real mix of bars and clubs and I feel there really is something for everyone. I often find myself flitting between different areas depending on my mood or the vibe of the evening. As I’ve grown, my taste in bars and what I want from a night out has certainly changed, which is fine because like I said, in Manchester there really is something for everyone!

Something for everyone in Manchester
These days I’m much less of a clubbing person but still someone who is very social and loves a good night out. My ideal night out these days consist of going for food and cocktails in some nice bars. Spinningfields is great for this as there are plenty of great bars and restaurants. I love places like IbĂ©rica for its vibrant interior and indoor/outdoor seating, where you can sit on a summer's evening, enjoying a cocktail as you watch the world go by.

Go dressy casual in Spinningfields
I’m definitely more of a dressy casual type of person and Spinningfields is a great place for afterwork drinks on a dress down Friday. Slip on a pair of heels with your jeans and blazer and you’re good to go. I may not work in an office but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good Friday after work cocktail, especially when I’m getting up with my friend who works just around the corner.
These skinny jeans and blazer from Manchester Andale’s River Island create an easy dressy casual look and the bright pink Topshop heels add the perfect pop of colour to an otherwise understated outfit - perfect for an evening in Spinningfields.