#MyMCR: Sabina Sher

When you walk around the centre of Manchester, it’s difficult not to look up and appreciate just how gorgeous and striking some of the buildings actually are!

The Central Library has always stood out to me as one of Manchester’s most long standing and iconic buildings, with its circular body, arch-shaped windows and gigantic pillars.

Look up and appreciate
The reason I admire this building over many others, is because its beauty flows through the entire building from top to bottom seamlessly - without falling short of its repeated design towards the bottom like many other buildings do! Meaning you can appreciate all its beauty at eye level without the issue of straining your neck!

The perfect backdrop
 With its neutral tones and photogenic structure, it makes for the perfect backdrop for my New Look gold flecked blouse & Dorothy Perkins trousers - an almost monochrome perfection.

The Northern Quarter has always been one of my favourite places to sit down for food. With the endless amount of choice between which edgy independent venue to spend your time in, the choice can be pretty tough as the range of cuisine and Instagramable dishes is a nail-biter in itself.

Edgy independents and instagramable dishes
My all time favourite out of the bunch has got to be Cane & Grain- they tick all the right boxes; Instagramable decor? Check. Sweet potato fries? Check. A veggie burger topped with a mini hash brown? Check!

Take it easy at Cane & Grain
A relaxed and laid back environment is how I usually want to dine out, as dressing up to the nines is completely out of my comfort zone. That’s why this cosy knit and checked trouser combo from Topshop Arndale fit the bill!

Without a doubt The Northern Quarter has got to be my favorite part of Manchester; Within it’s little bubble, it’s known for its cool vintage shops, independent cafes and quirky bars - not to mention that it’s single most notable characteristic being the street art that seamlessly binds everything together.

Art weaves the heart of Manchester together
From traditional graffiti musings, to the perfected murals littered against the street corners, it’s the art that weaves this little heart of Manchester together; take 2 steps into The NQ to see and feel the love of the city!

Keep it chilled this winter
Like the vibe of NQ itself, I like to keep it chilled and I’m at my happiest when I’m comfy. Whoever said style over comfort had it all wrong! I’m bracing myself as ‘winter is coming’, in this amazing teddy coat from Topshop, worn with checked trousers that can almost double as good pair of pjs.