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Anything but…a sandwich

10 tempting alternatives to make a meal out of lunchtime. Lunchtimes. Where to go? What to eat? Easy to pick up that same old sandwich deal every day, but egg mayo on brown can go stale fast. Especially when you’ve got more tempting, exotic options to tuck into. Here are 10 of our favourites you won’t find on the sandwich counter. Enjoy. 

The Piada at WOLF
Think Mexican-style burrito, but instead of spicy beans, rice and guacamole, imagine an authentic Italian filling inside. Try garlic and rosemary steak, succulent Italian pulled pork or lemon chicken. Add your choice of classic WOLF sauce. This is proper Italian street food – fresh, nutritious and hand-prepared by expert chefs.
Our verdict: buon appetito

No Bones Platter at Nando’s
Want to spice up your lunchtime? Why not take a friend to Nando’s? Check out the succulent No Bones Platter for two. Chicken butterfly breast, four chicken thighs plus your choice of two large or four regular sides. All you have to do is make up your minds just how spicy you want it. Cue the PERi-ometer.
Our verdict: a chicken winner

The Faloumi at Archie’s 
Let’s be frank, veggie can sometimes be a bit of a let-down. Not The Faloumi at Archie’s. It’s an absolute feast of a veggie burger, packing in falafel, spinach and chickpea, topped with haloumi plus relish and trimmings in a brioche bun.
Our verdict: veggie that’s a little bit edgy

All day breakfast bagel at Bagel Nash
Suffering from sandwich fatigue? A real bagel from Bagel Nash could be the remedy. Slow fermented and made with only natural ingredients, these bagels are the real deal. Check out the all-day breakfast menu for a great value lunch. For an extra kick, try bacon and scrambled egg on a cheese and jalapeno bagel. We’re in there.
Our verdict: chewy and delicious

Pretzel Dog at Auntie Anne’s
As if freshly-baked pretzels aren’t tasty enough. Auntie Anne’s take their famous pretzel dough and wrap it round a Nathan’s Famous® hot dog and hey presto! You’ve got an Original Pretzel Dog. And if you think it can’t get any better, think again. The Cheese Pretzel Dog is topped with a delicious three-cheese blend. Yes, that’s three cheeses.
Our verdict: next level comfort food

Chilli prawns and rice at Chopstix Noodle Bar
Strapped for time? Looking for something quick, fresh and tasty? Ditch the knife and fork and pick up a takeaway from the Chopstix Noodle Bar. Choose your base – egg-fried rice or veg noodles – then add the topping of your choice. We went for the chilli prawns on rice with a side of mini spring rolls. Great food, great chopsticks training.  
Our verdict: fresh, fast fusion takeaway

Superfood Burrito at Barburrito
Spicy, colourful and zingy, Mexican food is literally bursting with flavour. Grab a burrito from Barburrito and you can hold that flavour in just one hand. Barburrito prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients to bring you authentic, delicious Mexican wraps. Our choice was the Superfood Burrito. Packing in slaw, sweet potato chilli with fresh guacamole as an extra, it didn’t disappoint.
Our verdict: it’s a wrap (and super-tasty at that)

Taiwanese Bubble Tea at BoBo Tea
Checking out all the eateries at the Arndale can be thirsty work. So when we fancied a tea break, we thought we’d try something a bit different – Taiwanese bubble tea! Born in Taiwan a few years ago, bubble tea is a delicious flavoured milky drink (drink hot or ice blended) with chewy tapioca ‘bubbles’ that zoom up your straw.
Our verdict: Not your average cuppa

Caribbean  Green Smoothie at Boost Juice
Low battery? Swing by the Boost Juice bar and give your day a shove in the right direction. The nice guys at Boost seem to have the knack of combining all the right flavours. Which is exactly why we chose the Caribbean Green Smoothie – which packs in passionfruit, mango, coconut milk and other yummy stuff. Definitely one to get you through the afternoon.
Our verdict: the ultimate pick-me-up

Tropical fruit sorbet at Fruteiro do Brasil Juice Bar
Need to cool off a little? Trust the Brazilians to have the answer. The tropical fruit sorbet at Fruteiro do Brasil Juice Bar contains delicious tropical fruit, like acai, acerola, caju, guava and mango, pulped at just the right stage of ripeness. This helps retain as much nutritional value as possible. But never mind the vitamin C and flavonoids, this is great-tasting ice-cream sorbet.
Our verdict: super-charged tropical fruit sorbet