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My MCR Style by Olivia

20-year-old Olivia is a final year student in Manchester studying Business management, after recently transferring here from London. The fashionable fitness enthusiast keeps her Instagram followers up-to-date with the latest trends in her spare time.

I chose my OOTD based on my schedule including going to the gym, going to University and getting some work done. Because I’m always on the go dashing around I like to style my own activewear and feel extra comfortable at the same time.

When I recently went shopping in Manchester Arndale they had a lot of activewear collections including plenty of styles and colours in the seamless leggings in Victoria’s Secret Pink. It was really nice to see these in stock as for a long time I have been ordering this style online. As well an extensive activewear collection in VS Pink, they had a good collection of women’s activewear in JD Sports section, I particularly liked the Nike pieces. I always enjoy shopping in the Arndale as I think their stores have a lot more stock and the experience isn’t quite as hectic as other shopping centres.

I think it’s quite often we all hit a point where things can get a bit too much. Recently, I had a period of time where I felt run-down and all over-the-place. From this point, I knew something needed to change and I wanted to feel more balance and be more productive. I quickly realised I was lacking an organised daily routine. Having recently started back into my final year of University, I quickly realised I needed to ensure my time management and organisation skills were on point. I have changed my whole routine and I’m now feeling settled into what I’d call my “ideal daily routine” – I’m really excited to share it with you!

Let’s jump into my daily routine! Most mornings, I set my alarm for 6:30am and this generally happens between 6:30 and 7am. First things first, I’ll always make myself a cup of coffee. I try to avoid going on social media first thing in the morning and try to focus mainly on my gym session and planning my day. This little bit of “me time” has become my favourite part of the day. I like to enjoy my breakfast and take some time to think about my day.

A few months ago, I would’ve gone straight to the gym without breakfast but nowadays breakfast is my favourite meal and what I think is so important 
Now, I’ll eat my breakfast (usually protein porridge with some berries, if you were wondering!) in my fluffy dressing grown and finish my coffee.
I’ll then get ready for the gym, I always like to wear my favourite activewear for all my training sessions as I genuinely feel wearing athletic clothing makes you feel more active and I always have a better workout in my fave gym wear. I’ll drive to the gym which usually only takes me 10mins.

I’ll arrive at the gym put my headphones in and get my workout done. I generally follow a training routine and will train specific body parts on specific days e.g. back day, leg day etc. Depending on my schedule I’ll either shower and get ready at the gym or quickly drive home and get ready.
My AW outfit choice suits your schedule?
Advice for readers on how to combine function with style and individuality?

Next up, I’ll usually drive to University and go to my lectures and seminars etc. Luckily, for my final year, the majority of my lectures and seminars are in the mornings which I like.

I usually take my lunch break around 1-2pm. I like to spend around 30 minutes making and eating lunch, and then enjoying some more “me time” activities. Usually this involves watching YouTube videos, catching up with any phone calls to family and friends.

After I have finished University I like to go to Starbucks which is close-by to my house and University. Here, I find I am most productive, so I’ll get any studying done here mainly.
While my mornings are mainly devoted to University work and admin tasks, I like to spend my afternoons working on my own social media platforms and business. Some of the tasks I’ll work on during this time include:

 Planning content for the week
 Creating content
 Working on projects
 Organising my weeks
 Editing video’s etc.

I generally always spend the last 30 minutes of my day wrapping up any end-of-day tasks. I’ll check my inbox and answer any emails, go on social media, and write out my to-do list for the following day.