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How to become a stylish and successful blogger

Thinking of attending our Social Butterfly event this weekend? Before you come along to show off your on fleek flat lay and beautiful Boomerangs, have a read of this exclusive set of tips from one of our favourite bloggers and long time Manchester Arndale friend Irena.

Irena moved to Manchester from the Ukraine and is lucky enough to have established herself as a prominent full-time blogger on the Manchester scene; with an impressive following (some 42,000 on Instagram alone), Irena’s perfectly placed to give her advice on how to become a tip top blogger in this city.

Find your style…
“Establishing your aesthetic and knowing how to position yourself is the first thing to do”, Irena says. Her inimitable style comes across in pictures taken in outdoor locations around the city, with a distinct ‘Irena’ pose and close ups on key pieces. “One of the things my readers love is close ups; be that of a watch a bag, a piece of jewellery or some detailing on a t-shirt, it’s about showing the intricacies that make the outfit.”

Fawning over flatlays…
“Flatlays work incredibly well but they’re not as easy as they look. In this job you’ve really got to hone your photography skills and take an intricate attention to detail to get a flatlay shot right. You have to plan the props, the scene and the lighting so that each little piece featured in the shot plays its part.

“I recently did a beautiful flatlay for The Fragrance Shop to promote the new Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance; I sourced some beautiful roses in a similar colour to the perfume bottle, some make up and some contrasting jewellery pieces. Together it created this monochrome shot with vibrant, contrasting deep pinks laid around it. It was really engaging with almost 400 people commenting and liking on it."

Give meaningful advice…
"Blogging isn’t just a chance to stand and have your picture taken, it’s about using your voice and platform to offer real advice to your readers. You build up so many contacts that you genuinely have insight on new trends, seasonal transitions, etc, and it’s important to convey those to your followers. A few weeks ago for example, as soon as we hit September and the temperatures dropped (or in Manchester’s case, more rain came!) I focused on coats and keeping warm.”

A colourful hallmark…
The beauty side of things isn’t lost on Irena either, who accessorises most of her outfits with a dash of vibrant lipstick, another distinct hallmark of her images. She continued: “You’ve gotta have that USP that followers immediately look to to authenticate that this is one of your images. You’ll see with most bloggers there’s something on their pictures that identifies as their style. It’s an important move as it helps establish you as an identifiable blogger brand.”

Be thankful…

You simply cannot underestimate how important your relationships with fashion brands are. Blogging is so competitive, there are hundreds of brilliant influencers out there so you need to show brands why they should work with you. A great Insta grid -

A beautiful designed blog will help you, but thanking brands and tagging them in, advocating them on your channels does not go unnoticed."

Have some fun…
Concluding her advice for bloggers Irena said: “Above all have some fun! I pinch myself every day - I’m the luckiest girl in the world because my days are spent blogging, researching fashion and showing it to the world.

“But, don’t forget that it's such hard work and you have to be so committed, but as long as you’ve got that positive attitude and a lipstick-lashed smile on your face, you’re good to go!”